Feedback essentials

Very few aspects of a managerial job are held in such dread as the feedback session. Most of us have experienced that awful hour or so when there is a total absence of communication. As George Bernard Shaw once said “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” So, […]

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Reported Speech and Reporting Verbs

There are many times when you want to repeat something you have been told, heard or read, and quote the source of the information. To do this you use reported speech and use reporting verbs. Here we are going to revise how you can do this.   Using Reported speech When reporting speech, the tense […]

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Being Assertive in the Office

Being assertive is very important because it is the best way to get respect. It shows that you are rational and in control of yourself. It’s also the best way to get what you want without offending anyone. Being assertive is one of the best sure-fire ways to start climbing the corporate ladder and to […]

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Professional Development: You Should NEVER Stop Learning

Learning should not stop in school. Throughout life people must continue to learn new things in order to grow. Having a thirst for knowledge is healthy and beneficial to one’s well-being. One can take advantage of professional development at work or decide to study a language in their free time. Keeping the brain active is […]

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Diversify your team

Wondering how to increase creativity and innovation in the workplace? Make your team a diverse one. Frans Johansson, author of The Medici Effect, has found that by bringing people from different disciplines and areas of expertise together, innovation is more likely.  Problems tend to be complex, so it takes different perspectives to find a solution.  […]

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Keeping your audience’s attention

Do you enjoy public speaking? Most people don’t, unless they do it for a living of course! Love it or hate it, at some point in your career you will most likely have to address a large group. Many think that the worst part of public speaking is the opening—breaking the ice and getting the attention […]

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Training Express pone a los directores de recursos humanos con las manos en la masa

  Training Express, consultoría de idiomas especializada en el diseño, implantación y gestión de proyectos de formación para empresas, ha reunido a más de 40 responsables de Formación y de Recursos Humanos de las compañías más grandes de Cataluña, para llevar a cabo un momento único donde se compartieron experiencias en un ambiente distendido a […]

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El próximo día 17 de Abril 2015 , le invitamos a “La Jornada de la Ilusión” – Training Express & Gas Natural Fenosa

El aprendizaje de idiomas se ha convertido en uno de los principales caballos de batalla de las empresas españolas durante los últimos años. Por este motivo, el próximo día 17 de Abril 2015,  Training Express, consultoría de idiomas líder en el diseño, implantación y gestión de proyectos de formación de idiomas  para empresas, y Gas […]

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Training Express lanza “Executive English”

Los idiomas se han convertido en una herramienta de comunicación prioritaria para las empresas. En un mundo globalizado, los ejecutivos y trabajadores de las compañías multinacionales se ven obligados a desenvolverse en otras lenguas con sus homólogos extranjeros. Profesionales que, en muchos casos, no tienen tiempo para capacitarse en el aprendizaje de idiomas durante su […]

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Intensivo de ingles

Oferta curso intensivo de inglés en Madrid Verano 2012      

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