Tips – ¿Cómo presentarse en inglés?








Hoy queremos daros algunos tips para poder desenvolveros con soltura en inglés en dos de las situaciones más comunes en el ambiente laboral. El primer video, os dará la clave para presentaros correctamente en inglés cuando conozcáis a alguien por primera vez o como presentar a tus compañeros.

En el segundo, os explicaremos las claves para comunicar de forma efectiva con una simple regla: KISS (Keep it Short and Simple).

Y recordad, ¡la práctica es la clave del éxito!



Video 1: How to indroduce yourself in English

As companies are becoming more and more international, it’s very important to know how to introduce yourself and your team in any context. You are using English more and more often in your work and after work life. It’s very important to be able to make brief introductions and give a good first impression to others. The first minutes of an interaction are crucial.

How do you respond to the question, tell me about yourself? Have you ever had to introduce someone new in the office? How do you introduce yourself in a Skype meeting? How do you introduce yourself to someone new to your company or even to someone from another company?

You may not know where to start or how to organize your thoughts. It only takes a couple seconds to introduce yourself to someone new and we all know how important first impressions can be. Introductions in the real world can be intimidating and nerve wrecking. Some people may even avoid interacting with new people in order to not introduce themselves. We totally understand it; you don’t want to look silly or say something that could be controversial.

Remember, it is important to know that there are formal and informal ways to introduce yourself. Today we will give you tips on how to introduce yourself in any environment.

The first important question I want to review is, what is your name? Your response should be; my name is ________. Likewise, when you introduce someone you should say, I would like to introduce you to ________ or this is _______.

Don’t be shy when meeting new people, be confident and introduce yourself first. Say who you are and don’t forget to say, nice to meet you.

When you are asked about your position in your company, you want to be able to make a brief summary. For example, I am director of the human resources department and I handle the recruiting and benefits management. I also, help develop long-term strategies for the growth of the company.

Remember when meeting someone for the first time you want to give a little bit of information about yourself so other people can relate to you and start a conversation. For example, Hello, my name is Vanessa and I am working at Training Express in the Marketing Department, I have worked here for 5 years. I am from California but I am currently living in Madrid. I am passionate about languages and communication. This gives information for others to be able to comment and interact with you.

If you want to expand on your introduction you can talk about your recent accomplishments or future goals. For example, if I work in Human Resources, my goal is to help the company grow, to train and develop all employees in the company.

Don’t be afraid to ask more information about someone. You can ask, where are you from? Or How long have you worked here? Are you enjoying your new position?

You can always create positive interaction by saying the common greetings of good morning, good afternoon and good evening.

Don’t forget that you are your biggest judge. Smile, take a breath and be confident. People will be happy that you took the time to get to know them.

Here you have it, whether you are traveling for business, at a conference, meeting new people at work or at a networking event, you have some helpful tips to boost your confidence.

Remember practise makes perfect, you can practice by recording yourself with a friend and try to listen to other people introduce themselves as well. There isn’t just one way to do it.

I have had a great time talking with you about introductions but now I must go! Have a great day!

Video 2: KISS: Keep It Short and Simple

One of the key concepts in effective speaking is actually really easy to remember: KISS. Which of course stands for, Keep It Short and Simple. That refers to everything that you do but more especially, the language that you use. Don’t use long sentences that start well but then you haven’t really thought about what you’re going to say, so it tends to go on whilst you’re trying to think about what is the message that you would like to convey to the person you’re talking to and not really think about what messages are in fact important to them. Use short sentences, your intonation will be more evident and you will create more impact. Remember, people don’t listen very well, so say more by saying less: KISS.