Giving a Project Update

Whatever job you do, you’ll need to give updates on the status of your work and ask for updates from other people. In this activity, you’ll review key project management terms and learn how to succinctly and successfully ask for and give updates using phrases which could be applied both to project work and other types of work.

Review these key terms for project management. How many can you remember the meaning of?

kick off meeting critical path time frame
Gantt chart dependencies contingency
lead time baseline budget outcome
stakeholder scope  


Now check your ideas by looking at the definitions below.

Kick off meeting: The meeting at the start of a project.

Gantt chart: A type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule with responsibilities and dependencies.

Lead time: The delay between the initiation and execution of a process.

Stakeholder: Anyone involved in a project.

Critical path: The longest sequence of activities in a project plan which must be completed on time for the project to be completed at the due date.

Dependencies: Relationship between conditions, events, or tasks such that one cannot begin or be completed until one or more other conditions, events, or tasks have occurred, begun, or completed.

Baseline Budget: A projected budget which is adjusted according to actual spending.

Time frame: A set period of time which covers certain events or in which certain things are expected to occur.

Scope: Sum of all individual jobs comprising a contract – employment -program – or project.

Outcome: Result

Contingency: A provision for a future event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty. This could be time or budget related.