Giving Feedback Using the SBI Model

Delivering feedback, especially that which is negative, is not an enjoyable task. However, it doesn’t have to be scary. Using models such as the SBI or ‘Situation, Behavior, Impact’ model will make your life so much easier. The SBI model can be used if you want to give affirmative and developmental feedback. The advantages of using this model is that it helps make the feedback specific, and most importantly positive.

So, what does SBI mean?

The SBI model is a three step approach to giving feedback: Situation, Behavior and Impact.

Situation: Describe what the person was doing and when.
Behavior: Be specific and describe behaviors observed (don’t make judgements).
Impact: Explain the impact of the behavior – in other words the impact on others and their own success.

Have a look at anexample of how to use the three-step model:
Step 1 – Capture the situation: “Yesterday morning at the staff meeting…”

Step 2 – Describe the behavior: “You had a number of side conversations and at times were joking during my presentation”.

Step 3 – Deliver the Impact: “When you were talking to others while I was speaking, it was very disruptive to what I was trying to accomplish. I felt frustrated by it.”
♦ Now have a look at a couple of additional examples:
Start conversation by getting right to the point and presenting the SITUATION 
The purpose for this meeting is to discuss…
I asked you here to discuss…
I’d like to discuss how things are going for you (in training, with clients, etc).
I wanted to touch base to discuss…

I have a concern about…

Describe the BEHAVIOR you’ve observed
Recently I’ve noticed that you seem…
This morning I saw…
I’ve noticed that there are discrepancies in your numbers…
I’ve noticed that you’ve stepped up your involvement and started…
I saw some red flags, so I looked into the issue and discovered that…

Describe the IMPACT of the behavior
When this happens, it makes people… (explain the impact on others and how they might respond)
When this happens, it’s hard to generate accurate sales reports.
If this continues, I’m concerned that it will create a situation in which…
Having you take this on really helps people to…
I’m concerned that this behavior will send the message that…
In looking at this situation as a customer would, it may appear that we… (don’t care, aren’t on top of it, etc.)

Need to Know Phrases

Giving and receiving feedback

Opening the discussion

There are a few things I’d like to discuss
Giving Positive Feedback
You’re doing a great job.
You’re doing a great job (of) + gerund
I think you handled + noun phrase + very well

Giving negative feedback
I know you’re working hard (on + noun phrase), but + S + V
It’s come to my attention that + S + V

Receiving feedback
I appreciate your feedback/honesty
Thanks for your feedback/honesty