Communication Skills

This week, improve your communication skills with ISUS Magazine!


Business Tip of the Week

Improve your productivity by improving your communication skills —talk to your colleagues and ask them to rate your listening and communicating skills.

Business Phrase of the Week

Problem-solving attitude: A person who gets good results by providing solutions that satisfies everyone has a good problem-solving attitude.

I enjoy working with Sarah because whenever there’s a problem she gets it sorted quickly with her positive problem-solving attitude.


Phrase of the Week

Body Language: Body language refers to forms of non-verbal communication, where a person reveals clues as to some unspoken intention or feeling through their physical behavior. These behaviors can include body posture, gestures, facial expressions and eye movements.


Fact of the Week

Research proves that 93 percent of communication between people is non-verbal and is therefore communicated through gestures, posture, facial expression and eye movement.

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